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2015 Chardonnay-Pinot Noir Sparkling

2015 Chardonnay-Pinot Noir Sparkling


2022 Block 5 Riesling

2022 Block 5 Riesling


2021 Reserve Chardonnay

2021 Reserve Chardonnay


2021 Block 2 Chardonnay

2021 Block 2 Chardonnay


2017 Blanc de Blancs Sparkling

2017 Blanc de Blancs Sparkling



Meet Team Colmar – the dedicated group of people that have made Colmar Estate happen

"This producer is becoming a tour de force of fizz and riesling"

Ned Goodwin, Halliday

"Colmar Estate is one of the emerging stars of the Orange wine region"

Huon Hooke, The Real Review

The Orange Wine Region

The Orange Wine Region is known for its high altitude vineyards. The higher you go the cooler it gets, allowing a wide range of grape varieties to be grown successfully.

Most wine regions are known for one or two varieties; Orange is known for its incredible diversity. But there is one constant – the elegant, cool climate style of the wines.

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Our story

How we fell in love with vineyards

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1991 - The first vines are planted

A mix of red and white varieties is chosen. Planting is completed in 2000 with the riesling block near the cellar door.


2013 - We purchase the vineyard

Plans are made to build a house and move from Sydney to Orange.


2014 - Our first vintage

A tough one, with two major rain events, yet two of our wines win trophies at the NSW Wine Awards. We realise we are onto something special.


2015 - Getting the varieties right

Under-performing red varieties – cabernet sauvignon and merlot – are grafted to white varieties and pinot noir more suited to the cool site.


2016 - Some big wins!

Colmar Estate blitzes the Orange Wine Show, winning five trophies including Best White Wine and Best Wine of Show.


2020 - 27 trophies in five years

Colmar Estate becomes the Orange Region’s most awarded vineyard, winning 27 trophies at Australian wine shows in our first five vintages.


Present - Daring to dream

We now know we can make very good wines. Our challenge for the future is to make great wines that will be savoured and discussed for many years to come. 


The joy of tannin

By Bill Shrapnel on Nov 30, 2023

A wine guru once said that the difference between a very good red wine and a great wine was in the quality of the tannins. Whoa, quality of tannins? What was she on about? While red wines contain acids givin...

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The Riesling Renaissance, at last

By Bill Shrapnel on Nov 03, 2023

There was a fascinating discussion at the Riesling Masterclass held in association with the 2023 Orange Wine Show. It revolved around how narrowly conceived quality riesling has been in the Australian wine s...

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Pinot gris reveals its secret

By Bill Shrapnel on Sep 24, 2023

In Jancis Robinson’s epic book Wine Grapes she describes wines made from pinot gris in Alsace, France as having a ‘heady perfume’ and being ‘deep-coloured’, ‘fairly rich’ and ‘luscious’. Have you ever tasted...

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5 Reasons to Visit Orange in Winter

By Sarah Shrapnel on Jun 25, 2023

While it's beautiful all year around, there's something special about visiting Orange in winter! Indulge in some world-class food, visit a cosy cellar door and enjoy a tasting by the fire, and treat yourself...

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Update on alcohol and health

By Bill Shrapnel on May 30, 2023

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has provided some interesting insights into the effects of alcohol on health. With so much scientific research going on these days it ...

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The 2023 vintage: miracles do happen

By Bill Shrapnel on May 01, 2023

We are absolutely delighted with quality of the fruit we picked in 2023 and you can expect some outstanding wines to be produced. But we weren’t always confident of this result. Thanks to La Nina, we experie...

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