The Fabulous 2018 Pinot Noirs

The Fabulous 2018 Pinot Noirs

It’s no secret that Colmar Estate is aiming high with pinot noir. During the 2018 growing season we were determined to get more colour, depth and richness in our pinot noirs, so there was much effort in the vineyard, and then Mother Nature chimed in with a wonderful vintage. The hand-picked fruit looked and tasted perfect.

When we came to blend the wines, we started with eight puncheons of superb pinot noir and their contents were crafted into three wonderful wines – Block 1, Block 3 and Reserve.

Our pinots at the 2019 Orange Wine Show

The Chairman of Judges at the 2019 Orange Wine Show, Nick Bulleid, gave us some insight into the judging of the pinot noir class. When he was called over to consider the judges’ deliberations, they were recommending four gold medals in the class – a first for pinot noir in Orange. All three of Colmar Estate’s pinots were included in the mix though the judges were blind to the identity of the wines. Nick tasted the wines and agreed they were all of gold medal quality. But which wine were the judges recommending for the trophy for best pinot noir? They were unanimous – it had to be number 5 (which turned out to be 2018 Colmar Estate Block 1 Pinot Noir). This wine also went on to win the trophies for Best Red Wine of Show and Best Wine of Show, so surely the judges must have got it right. But the Chairman of Judges had a surprise up his sleeve – his preference was actually for number 1 in the class.

Now the Chairman of Judges always gives a trophy to a special wine that he or she thinks should have won a trophy, but didn’t. In 2019, Nick had about 350 wines to choose from but he gave his Chairman’s Trophy to his personal favourite in the pinot noir class – number 1 – the 2018 Colmar Estate Reserve Pinot Noir!

So, two of Colmar Estate’s pinot noirs won trophies at the Orange Wine Show. Both wines proudly wear our super-premium purple tulip label which is reserved for the best of the best in a superb vintage.

What about the Block 3?

Now if you are feeling sorry for the 2018 Colmar Estate Block 3 Pinot Noir – not having won a trophy – don’t! It collected three gold medals and six silver medals last year!

These three lovely pinots are available now!

Stop Press!

Our 2018 Block 1 Pinot Noir has just topped its class at Winestate’s annual Wines of NSW tasting. Their review:

Lovely ruby red hued wine with great aroma complexity of plums, sweet spices and pepper. The palate is dense and well integrated with fresh blue fruits and firm savoury tannins.